Chocolate Fountain

Buffet Choices

MEATS- select 1-2-3 or 4

Buffet beef
Baked cod
Parmesan chicken breasts (add .50 per person)
Baked ham
Roasted turkey
Fried chicken
Garlic sausage in Italian tomato sauce
Pork loin
Baked  herbal  chicken

The beef and ham are sliced and served in broth. If you wish us to carve the meat on the buffet line there is an additional charge of $ 50.00 for each meat.
If you select stuffing with the turkey, it will take the place of the pasta listed below

PASTA - select 1

Spaghetti with meat or marinara sauce
Mostaccioli with meat or marinara
Pasta salad with our own zesty dressing
Shells with meat or marinara sauce
Ravioli in meat sauce (add .50 per person)
Shells with cheese sauce

POTATO - select 1

American potato salad
Mashed  potatoes & gravy
Garden rice
German potato salad
Au gratin potatoes
Sweet potatoes (candied)
Scalloped potatoes
Parsley red potatoes

If you select 2 potatoes there is an extra charge of .25 per person

VEGETABLE - select 2

Baked beans
Green beans with toasted almonds
Green rice
California blend  vegetables
Green bean casserole
Green beans with mushrooms & lemon butter
Buttered whole kernel corn
Green beans , buttered
Broccoli casserole
Broccoli/cauliflower/cheese sauce
Scalloped corn

RELISH - select 1

Relish trays (black & green olives, dill & sweet pickles, carrots, celery)
Tossed garden salad
Vegetable Dip trays (fresh veggies with dip)
Creamy cole slaw

BREAD - select 1

Assorted breads (rye, white, wheat)
French bread
Garlic bread

Homemade rolls
Homemade bread

We will set up a special breads table with a variety of breads and honey butter for an extra charge of .50 per person.  this is a very attractive table to add to your event.

50 cents  extra  per  person - (select one)

Variety of dessert salads (Whipped lemon cheesecake, strawberry Jell-O salad or champagne salad)
Scoop of ice cream
Homemade cookies / brownie tray

Fruit compote (available June through September)
Frosted slab cake (extra charge for decorated cake)
Home baked pie ( $ 1.50 per person)
We also have a spectacular sweets table for $ 1.50 per person.  It consists of home baked pies, cheesecake, cookies, candy   and brownies.

DRINKS - select 2

Coffee, regular or decaf
Punch (recommended for weddings)
Hot tea
Iced tea

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